Thursday, August 31, 2006

Visual / Spatial Intelligence

Today's Lesson Plan: Visual/Spatial Intelligence (Art Smart) :

OBJECTIVE: to learn to look at "things" in a different way

The Visual/Spatial Person:
---perceives what is around and translates it . . . creates and transforms mental imagery . . .
manipulates objects to see them from a different perspective . . .

Reading Activity*:

Sometimes your mind is
is quicker than your eye.
What do you think might be the
the funny thing about this paragraph?
Do you usually make the
the same mistake twice?


Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
-----Pablo Picasso

In first grade, Mr. Lohr said my purple tepee wasn't
realistic enough, that purple was NO color for a tent.
That purple was a color for people who died. That
my drawing wasn't good enough to hang with the
others. I walked back to my seat counting the
swish-swish-swish of my baggy corduroy trousers.
With a black crayon, nightfall came to my purple
tent in the middle of an afternoon.
In second grade, Mrs. Winters said, "Draw anything."
She didn't care what. I left my paper blank, and
when she came around to my desk, my heart beat
like a tom-tom. She touched my head with her hand
and in a soft voice whispered, "The snowfall. How
clean and white and beautiful."

We must remember not to add to the destruction by
breaking a child's spirit.

Visual/Spatial Child's Quote:
"If you're going to draw on the wall, do it behind the couch."

Visual/Spatial Adult's Quote:
"If you can't fix it, VISUALIZE it."

In the first activity, did your eyes get ahead of
your brain?
How many times did you read the word:

IS ? 2 times ?
THE? 4 times ?

Naturalist Intelligence

Today's Lesson Plan: Naturalist Intelligence (Nature Smart)

--to use all 8 Multiple Intelliegences in the study of a tree
--to become aware of the beauty of nature
--to understand the changes in a tree
--(I didn't have a picture of a tree, see above, so use your imagination)

Naturalist Intelligence- the person is:

--sensitive to natural world...sees connections and pattern within the plant and animal kingdom...notices relationships in nature...


Choose a tree in your area that changes with the seasons.

Video/Photograph the same tree during the seasons.

Multiple Intelligent TREE activities (can be adapted to any vegetation)

Verbal/Linguistic (Word Smart):
name parts of a tree - learn to say tree in other languages

Logical/Mathematical (Number Smart):
make a graph of different types of trees / compare sizes of the trees

Musical/Rhythmical (Music Smart):
listen to Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" - listen to wind in the trees

Bodily/Kinesthetic (Body Smart):
climb a tree - feel the bark - pick apples, cherries, pears, etc.

Visual/Spatial ( Art Smart):
create bark rubbing or leaf imprints - make tree collages

Interpersonal (People Smart):
rake leaves for elderly person - interview and draw a family tree

Intrapersonal (Self Smart)
visualize 1 tree, 2 tress, an orchard, green trees, purple trees...

Naturalist (Nature Smart):
plant a tree

Naturalist Kid Quote:
"Pants with pockets are can carry more toads, snakes, and rocks."

Naturalist Adult Quote:
"The life expectancy of a houseplant varies inversely with its price and directly
with its ugliness."

**I didn't have any pics of trees handy, so just use your imagination
and pretend the two photos at the top of the page are trees.
At least they have something to do with "nature."

Mornin' Glory

Happy Birthday Cuz . . . This one's for you.

Mornin' Glories Lookin' West

“Mornin’ Glory”

MORNING: the first or early part of the day, from midnight, or especially dawn to noon

GLORY: great honor and admiration; fame; renown; worship; adoration; condition of highest

MORNING GLORY: a twining plant with heart-shaped leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers of
lavender, blue, pink, or white

“MORNIN' GLORY”: when I was a little girl, what my dad said to me every morning.

The favorite part of my day is morning. I love to watch the “sun-rise,” smell the fresh air, listen to the birds, play with my dogs, drink my coffee, and look at my morning glories. I especially love it when we have had a rain that gives everything a bath and fresh outlook for the day. Where I live, those rains are called ‘5-inch rains’ . . . one drop every 5 inches.

I do not have a green thumb. I do love to dig in the dirt, plant seeds, and watch something grow. When I first moved here, I watered anything that looked green. That year, I had a huge crop of tumbleweeds. They were the only things that were green around my house, and I didn’t know what they were. Twelve years later, I’m still chopping at the tumbleweeds. When they die and turn brown, they produce millions of stickers (seeds) for next year’s crop. If you light them with a match, they explode with a fury. I know, my neighbor called the fire department on me one year as I was ridding my yard of the pest. But enough about tumbleweeds and my neighbor. Using those two words in the same sentence makes it a little redundant. (I HAD a burn permit ! )

My morning glories are my shining glory as far as vegetation goes. I can grow them. They have wrapped their tender tendrils around my heart. And everything else in my backyard. Morning glories originated in the warmth of the tropics, where they grow rangy and scrappy enough to be considered pests. Morning glories are twiners; they reach out, pirouetting in their predetermined, typically clockwise direction, seeking something to grab hold of. The plants are genetically programmed to grow and unfurl in one direction only. The rabbits love the tender new shoots and it is difficult to protect them from being nibbled on.

Every morning I enjoy a rainbow of color in my backyard. Some say that each flower unfurls only once, then closes and dies, quickly being replaced by another. The flowers are at their peak this week, and I know it’s only a matter of time when the foliage will begin to turn yellow and the colorful blooms will disappear. I will be left with many dead vines, but hanging from them are little pods full of life. Tiny black seeds, to be planted next year, to paint another rainbow of colors, to greet me in the morning.

“Mornin’ glory,” he would gently say.

Blog Day

OK, remember this picture just in case I can't get it to post on my Mornin' Glory story.

I just learned that today is GLOB day . . . Didn't know such a thing existed !! I don't know how to post a link yet, so bear with me, I'm learning.
I have about twenty pictures floating out there in GLOBBERSPACE, so if you see something that looks like mine, let me know and sent them to me. Better yet, just post them on your GLOB.

Here goes: (listed in aflabetikal order)

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Zoo on Wheels I'm off to see if I can post the correct photo on the correct story.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

OU Sooners - WEST

OU Sooners - WEST
(7, 8, & 9 year-olds)
*photo used with permission of Coach R.

With college football rapidly approaching, I thought this might add to our anticipation.

2005 Season:
Undefeated : 9 games
Points scored: 187
Points Allowed: 31
2 games: defensive shut-outs
Yards rushing: 1,542
Yards passing 78
Total yards : 1,620
Interceptions: 8 (2 returned for touchdowns)
QB sacks: 9

2006 Season:
Undefeated: 8 games
Points scored: 239
Points allowed: 13
6 games: defensive shut-outs
Yards rushing: 1,574
Yards passin 108
Total yards : 1682
Interceptions: 12 (5 returned for touchdowns)
QB sacks: 21

These young men are a breath of fresh air.
By that I mean, you will hear:
“Yes Sir” “Yes Ma’am” “Thank You” “Please” “Excuse Me” . . .
Kudos to them, their parents, and coaches for guiding them
in such a positive way.

“A man can be as great as he wants to be.
If you believe in yourself and have the courage,
the determination, the dedication, the competitive
drive. . . and if you are willing to sacrifice the little
things in life and pay the price for the things
worthwhile, it can be done.”
---Vince Lombardi

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Request #1

When I was thinking about my blog, I tried to think of categories to place my MUSINGS into. Remember, I said it would be random? Well, I am stumbling through this, clueless as to what I'm doing. My daughters are holding their breath(s) that I don't embarrass them (AGAIN).
I had good intentions of following a format, lesson plan if you will. Being in the classroom for over 25 years causes one to follow a lesson plan. My GLOB was going to help me structure my life. I had received many e-mails about my GLOB. Some have not gone to the GLOB, but I will try to accomodate your requests.
My first request: OK, Swampwitch . . .enough of this Kum-ba-ya, sunsets, and lesson plans. Let's see something that really depicts what's going on.
So, you asked for it . . . here it is:
Now, here's where it gets tricky again. I don't have a clue where these pictures are going to end up. I want them to be on this post. And, yes, WillowTree, I know you have sent me directions, and I'm working on it. Nekked Lizard Lady, you're the best but you're over the river, through the woods, and on the Front Range . . .
Whoever is reading this is just going to have to understand, I'm trying to get the pictures with the post. If they don't show up in the right place, I'll keep working on it. Please be patient.
My hopes is to someday have a GLOB that's as good as Ree's. Stay tuned, because I hope to post about 7 names of GLOBS you will enjoy sometime this week. I'm working on how to add a link. That's tomorrow's objective.
In the meantime . . .
My suggestion: Be careful what you ask for darlin' . . . it might come true. No Kum-by-yas, Sunsets, or Lesson Plans today . . .
If anyone out there recognizes these two renegades, let me know.
Also, I think I've successfully changed the default for those of you who don't want to set-up a GLOBBER account. You can just log on as other, come up with a display name, and comment. BUT, please understand, it may take awhile to get any "off-color" comments deleted because of my schedule, so if there is something posted that's obtrusive, bear with me. Eventually, I'll get if off the GLOB.

Practice: Adding a Link

Colorado Sunset - August 2006

This is just a practice for me to see if I can add a link.

It may or may not work . . . if not, I'll try again.

Thanks Willow Tree . . . you are such a patient teacher. :)

Read more about that I referred to in:

Multiple Intelligences vs. Multiple Personalities.

Plus, I threw in a sunset for you to enjoy and for me to practice.

O-O-O-P-S 4-3-2-1

So, I finally manage to successfully post the pics with the story but they are out of order and in the wrong place. Deal with it.

Hanspic #4

Hanspic #3

Hanspic #2

Hanspic #1

Monday, August 28, 2006

Hanstory #2

Hans is a busy person. When he’s not ordering from a menu (See Hanstory #1), he’s also not reading the newspaper. He doesn’t have time. We receive The Daily Sentinel everyday. I guess that why it’s call The DAILY Sentinel. Consequently, we have a large collection of newspapers dating back to 2003. I –Kid – You – Not !! We have newspapers stacked in a little red wagon, plastic crates, cardboard boxes, some lying scattered on the garage door because when the stack reached 3 feet in height, it fell over. Almost every four days, he reminds me not to throw them away. That’s approximately 1,095 times he’s reminded me since we’ve been married.
(Logical / Mathematical for those MI people out there.
See Muliple Intelligences vs Multiple Personalities)

Every year we have a little party for our neighbors and other friends. It is important to me that my garage and all my closets are clean. I’m not sure why I feel that it’s necessary to clean all the closets because I’m pretty sure none of our guests look in them. But, I do know they see the garage because the refrigerator in the garage is stocked with beer.

Since we are both pack rats, after a year of rat-packing in the garage, it is possible that a car could be hidden in there. About 2 weeks before the party, the suggestion was made to clean the garage. That would be ME suggesting to HIM. I started 2 weeks early because last year 1 week was not enough time to accomplish all the things on my our list. He ended up buying a beautiful, blue, plastic tarp to cover the work bench because he ran out of time. If you are still reading at this point, you’ll know why he ran out of time if you choose to continue.

Surprisingly enough, he bought into the idea. I was elated ! He left for work about 6:00 the next morning promising he would start cleaning as soon as he arrived home from work that afternoon. I started to work on one corner of the garage and by noon had successfully organized, dusted, cleaned, swept, and mopped an area about 3 feet by 3 feet. At this rate, the garage will be clean for the party in 2007.

Here’s the problem: When I find something out of place, I take the something to its proper place. You know that saying, “There’s a place for everything and everything in its place.” . . . or something like that. Well, what happened was, when I took the something to it proper place, the proper place need to be straightened / cleaned / dusted / etc. I would find myself in another part of the house straightening, cleaning, dusting, etc. ing . . . You get the picture?

When he arrived home from work, he utters those oh so familiar words wives love to hear, “So, what have YOU done all day?” It really didn’t look like I had accomplished that much in the garage, but the closets were shaping up nicely.

After dinner (supper as it’s called where I’m from) we both headed to the garage, me with high hopes of him moving the heavier objects and throwing away HIS junk.

Remember what I said about the newspapers?

Here are 4 pictures that document the next 4 evenings. And if it looks as though he has on the same pirate t-shirt in every picture, he doesn’t. The first one says: “The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves.” The second one says, “Surrender the Booty.” I’m not sure what the others say. It’s not really that important.

Notice that in one of the pictures, he doesn’t even stop to come inside to eat dinner (supper). What a sweetheart.

At this point in the game, there are still many projects to finish in preparation for the party other than cleaning the garage.

I pulled the little red wagon loaded with 2 stacks of newspapers about 2 feet high each out of the way and covered it with the beautiful, blue, plastic tarp that he used to cover the bench last year.


Next year buy about 7 more beautiful, blue, plastic tarps and cover the entire garage.
Move the beer refrigerator outside because that’s why the guests go in the garage anyway.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm Learning Text I posted two pictures with titles but forgot
to add my text...please be patient, someday I'll
be talented Globbers like the rest of you.

Monument Sunset was taken August 24, 2006
from my driveway looking west toward the
Colorado National Monument.

Colors of the Evening was taken August 27, 2006
from my front porch looking toward Utah...
that's west, too.

I am so excited. I didn't figure this out by myself,
of course, but hopefully I will be able to remember
how to do this when my friend leaves.

Thanks're great !

Visual / Spatial activity !!!

I'm Learning

Monument Sunset
Colors of the Evening

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Musical / Rhythmical

Musical: agreeable, assonant, choral, euphonic, euphonious
harmonious, lyrical, mellow, melodic, melodious,
pleasing, symphonic, tonal, tuneful, unisonant, vocal

Rhythmical: flow, movement, regular recurrance as of beat,
rise, and fall; regular recurrance of strong and
weak beats

Toward the end of my career, I used music EVERYDAY, no
matter what subject I taught. When my students entered the
classroom, some type of music was playing. We started with
Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. These were middle school students,
and they were NOT impressed. For three days, that was our
"theme song." I gave them bits and pieces of information about
the composer: He was born in Germany and studied under
Mozart. About 1800 he was slowly becoming deaf. This did not
stop him. To hear his own compositions, he sawed the legs off
his piano and placed it flat on the floor. He pressed his ear to the
floor and would bang on the keys to hear what he had composed.
By 1820 he had composed his greatest works. Some of my students
were motivated enough to continue the research. Most of them
wanted to hear more of Beethoven's compositions. A few were in
the office asking for "drop this class forms."

After several weeks of listening to other genres of music, Mariah
asked, "When are we going to listen to Beethoven's Fifth
Sympathy again."

Later in the year, Jason asked, "Was it Taco Bell who composed
'Canon Indeed?'

My students may not have had all the names of the composers
or their compositions exactly correct, but the majority of them
developed a new respect for many types of music.

I love music, but I can't carry a tune in a bucket.
(What does that mean?)
If a group asked me to sing "back-up" they would very quickly
ask me to "back-way-up."

My daughters cringe if I start humming or singing with the radio,
followed by a very loud, "Mom, stop !"

I'm sure when I sang "hush -little - baby" to them they were
thinking, "hush - little - mamma."

Today Objectives: Share a song / artist that you enjoy.
Choose a different genre to listen to for the
next several days . . . include your children
in this exercise.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Multiple Intelligences vs. Multiple Personalities

At some point in my career, I discovered
Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory.
(Here is where the link would be if I knew how to do that.)
There are 8 Multiple Intelligences (MI) and I have added three of my own.
The MI Theory became an integral party of my life and not just at school.
I lived and breathed it. . . so much, that my husband labeled them my
8 Multiple Personalities. Actually, he didn't miss it by much.
In order to introduce them on my GLOB, I will share some of my favorite
comments paired with each Intelligence :

Logical / Mathematical:
If I die before doing everything on my list,
to whom should I leave my list?

Verbal / Linguistic:
Words are a powerful form of communication,
but they will never replace kisses and punches.

Musical / Rhythmical:
I march to the beat of a different drummer whose
location, identity, and musical training haven't
yet been established.

Bodily / Kinesthetic:
I knew something was wrong the minute you
bit my nose.

There's no room in this argument for both of us,
unless you move over just a little.

Would you rather be in my mood or have me
come into yours?

At what point in my struggle with the tumbleweeds
will the tumbleweeds finally give up?

Visual / Spatial:
The only real world is the world seen by children.

Male Intellect: Quick ! Call the witch doctor !
My witch is sick !
(and in our case, a swampwitch doctor)

Female Intellect: My theory on housework: If the item
doesn't multiply, smell, catch on fire, or block the
refrigerator door, let it be.
No one else cares. Why should I?

Humor / Quick Wit: _________________________
( fill in the blank)

I will expound on this subject later. You've had enough for

Today's Objective: Try to categorize your activities or
your children's activities into the different MI's.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hanstory #1

One of my categories on my GLOB will be "Hanstories."

VENT: belch, breathe, discharge, eject, emanate, emit, expel, explode

I need to VENT.
Not as in: The dryer VENT is so full of lint we could make a quilt.
But as in: If I don't VENT, I may explode.

Here is Hanstory #1: (There will be many.)

My husband has many talents. One of them being the manner in which he can antagonize a waitress. I've tried to figure out his thought process while he's determining what to order and have come to the conclusion, "There Isn't One." Keep in mind this is a man whose favorite meal is fried Spam and creamed corn. So, why is it so difficult for him to make a choice from a menu?
E-V-E-R-Y-S-I-N-G-L-E-T-I-M-E ?
There have been occasions when I felt my life was in danger sitting at the same table with him, looking into the eyes of an exasperated waitress, who is within easy reach of the knives on our table.
After much interrogation, with questions ranging from types of salad dressings to where and when was the halibut "captured" . . . and how. . . to the color of the sauce on the pasta (and being reminded once AGAIN that, "Yes, the marinara is the red one."), he takes a breath to continue. The waitress takes advantage of this opportunity and interjects, "Sir, I'm only here to take your drink order." She casts a look of utter despair my way, and I quickly ask for a glass of wine - any wine - whatever bottle the bartender can reach first. And, would she bring it NOW?
He begins to peruse a list of no less than 20 micro-brews, not to mention any number of the bottled variety. Thank goodness he is seated with his back to a chalkboard filled with the names of the daily concoctions or we could be here for breakfast.
"Ma'am, just go ahead and bring two glasses of that wine while you're at it, please."
She gives me a sly smile of relief, quick wink and is off and running before he realizes she has left the premises. His questions continue in her absence.
When she returns with two glasses of Beringer Zinfandel (yes, I am a cheap date), I gulp several swallows of the peach-colored "wine," stand up, and excuse myself to the ladies' room in order to escape the next barrage of questions about the beer.
"what color" "how dark" "how light" "ale" "stout" "lager" "wheat" "bottled" "brewed" "cost" "size" "which one tastes more like Shiner Bock?" You get the point !
(When someone asks me what kind of beer I like, my answer is, "COLD." )
By the time I return to the table, he is finally ordering.
He says: "I'll have an Alaskan Amber."
She says: "Sir, we don't serve Alaskan Amber."
He says: "Well, what kind of place is this anyway."
It's always a new experience when dining with him, but some things never change. The manner in which he taste-tests his food or drink by a little smacking of the lips, looking up to the right, then up to the left, tilting his head ear-to-shoulder to one side, then ear-to-shoulder to the other. Very much like an authentic food critic. Not a yes, not a no, just a back-and-forth motion. He crinkles his nose and says, "It's. . . ok." E-V-E-R-Y-S-I-N-G-L-E-T-I-M-E
It is my policy to always order after he does and to also order an entree that is totally different from him. Waitresses do have that special opportunity to seek revenge and spit on your food. I don't want her to confuse who ordered what.
By the time our waitress manages to answer all his questions, listens to all his suggestions about preparation, and document his order, most of the wait staff has meandered by our table just for a look/see . . . then sigh with relief that we weren't seated at any of their tables. I know that by now we are the talk of the kitchen and all of the tables around us.
Now, seemingly on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the waitress tries to smile (it resembles a snarl), looks at me, and with a quiver in her voice asks, "And what will you be having tonight, ma'am?"
With no hesitation, I reply, "I'll have the fried Spam and cream corn, please."

Stay tuned for: "How much do I leave for a tip?"


GLOBBING . . . How do I start?

A little more than a year ago, I had never heard the word BLOG. That's GLOB or GOLB for those of us who are lysdexic. OK, well maybe I'd heard it, I had just never looked at at GLOB, much less posted to one. And no, I've not been living under a rock. I had just been living in my own little world. I was visiting my oldest daughter and her boyfriend in D.C. when I learned what a GLOB was and have since then, become more and more interested. Every day, I create something in my head (cobwebs) that I want to share but have never been serious about REALLY sharing my cobwebs in a GLOB. That is, until TODAY.

So here goes.

My FIRST motivation for doing this: I am a retired teacher and loved my job. Actually, I loved my 'kids' (A loving way to refer to my students.) I loved creating lesson plans that were interesting, different, motivational, creative, and on and on. I loved seeing the "light bulb go off" in their eyes. I miss all that. I still "create lesson plans." I just don‚t write them down and "share" them anymore. Lessons plans provided structure for my day. I now realize I still need that structure and feel that creating a GLOB will fill that need.

My SECOND motivation: At my age, I'm finding I can't remember as well as I once did. Not that I ever had a good memory, but it is failing me to a certain degree. It has been proven that continuing to learn, study, and try new activities helps. Plus, it might make me a more interesting person. After having checked out several GLOBS, I have seen the networking that takes place. Not to mention the fun I'm having doing this.

My THIRD motivation: I don't have a clue how to put a picture up - OR record an audio clip, or maybe even to post back, but I want to learn. So, I will need some help and my new globberfriends will need some patience.

Just a little BLURB about me:

I signed my first teaching contract in 1972 when I was 19. At this point, some of you may be doing the math. How old is she? And possibly asking, did she have a credible license to teach.

Chronologically I am—well, you do the math. . Developmentally is yet to be determined. The answer to the second is: YES.

You will find spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, etc. errors in my GLOB. My singular subject may not match my plural verb. My tenses may never match. Feel free to correct me. I can handle constructive criticism.

More BLURBS will come later.